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(4) The manifestations of the most finite drop-bubbles, say the electrons, take place.


(5) With the movement in the Ocean, innumerable waves, countless drops and numberless       bubbles, together with foam, manifest themselves. Consider that each wave has a big       bubble and each drop has a small bubble, viz., wave-bubbles and drop-bubbles. As the       waves are not separate from the drops, both kinds of bubbles contain the indivisible       Ocean Itself, i.e., the waves are in the Ocean and the drops are in the waves. Each wave,       besides having its own bubble, has countless drops, each of which again has a bubble       of its own. Each wave-bubble is a world in itself, and its drop-bubbles are numberless       forms belonging to (such as) electrons, stones, metals, plants, trees, animals and       human beings. But each drop is still the indivisible Ocean though it does not know it.       Simultaneously with the movement in the Ocean, the Atman (Soul) comes to know that it       does not know; and along with the clash referred to above, the Atman begins to know the       universe, i.e., ignorance=nothingness, most finitely through the most finite first gross       form, the electron.


The following diagram shows the above details at a glance:


Diagram 6 God



The manifestation of the electron, the most finite gross form, or the first drop-bubble, is the beginning of the organic evolution that terminates in the human form. With the manifestation of this most finite drop-bubble, Atman, the drop, begins knowing the universe = nothingness most finitely. This experiencing of the universe by the Atman or soul through the electron is almost imperceptible and negligible; yet this minutest "knowing"




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