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When I break My silence I will perform the greatest of miracles—My first and last miracle in this Incarnation of Mine. If people tell you Baba has performed this or that miracle, let the story go out of the other ear. My greatness does not lie in performing miracles. My greatness lies in suffering for the universe, because I love all.


"Repressions: you work it out for yourself, Malcolm. Let us play marbles! "



Translated freely from the Hindi


The Call of Baba is God's Voice,
The Order of Baba is God's Will.
The Prasad of Baba is God 's Substance,
The Darshan of Baba is God's Presence,
The Love of Baba is God's Grace,
The Goal of Baba is God-Realization.


 Friday, September 24

Baba arrives at 10 a.m. on foot, pale and worn, but smiling.


"No more explanations today," he said. "It is the last day of My coming here. Today we will drink together. This is not the Last Supper, but the Last Drink, and I am happy that at least from among you all no one will sell Me though someone has to do that job. My physical end is going to be a violent one. I am the Ancient One, and you will all love Me more and more after My body is dropped, and will see Me as I really am. Today I won't explain anything; what is there to explain?


' You all say, 'Yes, Baba,' but do not do.


" My ways are so unfathomable that sometimes I too can not fathom them."


He refers to the photographs. “This is not Baba. If you had but a glimpse of Me as I am, you would lose consciousness. Love Me and you will




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