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     of Glory,  the Saviour of Mankind, The Ancient One, The Highest of the High!


O Christ! The Messiah! Thou of the Father Everlasting art the Son Everlasting:


Thou O Most Merciful Lord! has taken upon Thee to deliver Man from bondage, to     Eternal Glory:


O The Ancient One! The Redeemer! Thou, having first overcome the Sting of Ignorance,     didst open to all the Kingdom of Bliss, Knowl­edge and Power;


I most humbly praise Thee, O My God!


I Most Firmly Acknowledge Thee, O My God!


O My Soul of Soul! I believe in Thee, because Thou art Truth Itself;


I worship Thee, O Highest of the High; Because Thou art the Only One worthy of     Adoration: I love Thee above all things and beings, Because Thou art Love Divine     Itself;


I beseech Thee, because Thou art Mercy Itself;


I offer Thee all my thoughts, words and actions, my sufferings and my joys, because    Thou art the Only Beloved:


I therefore beseech Thee, my God! My Lord of Lords! The Highest of the High! The    Ancient One! to have mercy on me, according to Thy Unbounded Mercy, and let my    cry come unto Thee:


Oh My Beloved! Suffer me not to be separated from Thee for ever and ever!





Baba sends Don out to wash his hands, pacing up and down until he returns. Then he and Baba both face the portrait and Don reads the Prayer of Repentance, at the conclusion of which Baba touches both His forehead and the ground, and bows down before His picture.





"O the Eternally Benevolent Paramatma! O All-Merciful Allah! O The Most Merciful God Almighty! O Giver of all boons, Yezdan! Being fully aware of Your absolute Independence and Your absolute




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