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They are the suns of the spiritual world, and each of their innumerable rays penetrates the innermost heart of each individual existence, gross, subtle and mental: thus, their infinite existence is linked with each and every thing. It was due to the constant experiencing of the infinite divine Bliss that the God-men could bear tremendous sufferings given by the ignorant masses for whose salvation they worked. While Jesus was being crucified, while the Prophet Kazaria* was being cut in halves, while Mahomet was being stoned, and while Mansoor was being hanged, these God-men were enjoying the supreme Bliss spiritually without a moment's break, though they were physically undergoing unbearable sufferings and ordeals.

(To be continued) in Volume 2 Number 4 Page 49)






Civilization or Chaos? By I . H. Conybeare. Egerton Sykes, Publisher. $ 3.00


Posing the $64 question of our times, and answering it from a really enlightened spiritual viewpoint, Miss Conybeare combines scholarship with wit and insight to give us the first new book on Meher Baba in many years. Frankly acknowledging him as "The Avatar of the Age," she goes on to explore the whole concept of God-realization and Avatarhood, East and West, with special reference to Gnostic and mystical teachings, and also modern scientific and psychological viewpoints, and the comparative study of religions. An exposition of the many vital points of Meher Baba's own philosophy and teachings is given and make this an ideal book to present to newcomers, who still have intellectual tastes and leanings, and who want a rational concept of such spiritual truths as Karma, Cycles, the God-Mad, the God-Realized, the Stages of the Path, The Duality of the Universe, Jesus as Avatar, etc. (I quote some of her fascinating chapter headings.) For those already interested in Baba, the complete chapter by Baba himself, "An Explanatory Communication on Knowledge and Imagination," will be a precious addition to their list of discourses. There are also anecdotes about the Master not found in any other source.


"Christ, the Hope of the World," was the theme of the recent world conference of Christian churches, who, though seeking unity, are still divided by creed and dogma, still unaware of the living Christ among us. As Baba has said, "The world needs Awakening, and not mere verbal instruction. It needs the freedom and amplitude of Divine Life, and not the mere superficiality of mechanized and pompous forms; it needs Love, and not the display of power  . . . it is time that religion should go to make room for God."


*"Kazaria" refers to the prophet Zakariya in the Qur'an, called Zachariah in the Bible.




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