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be living, i.e., he must become fully conscious of the pure, infinite, sexless Self, and unconscious of body, mind and the universe.


D = The Godman = Shivatman or Sadguru = Kutub*.


When a Jivatman succeeds, through the network of the existence of the Creator and the creation, in knowing himself as the Almighty, (A), he becomes the Shivatman. It is then that He becomes what He really was and will ever remain, the same One Infinite Ocean of Truth—(A). For Him now, the jumble of the Creator and the creation no longer exists. He is no longer finite, and He knows Himself as the Almighty, the One Infinite Ocean that has always been in existence continuously without any change or division and will remain so forever. The Shivatman now knows that although He was in stones, metals, vegetables, trees, birds, beast and human beings, He was also all the time that which He is now. Thus it will be seen that the Shivatman is none else but the same One Paramatman plus knowledge and consciousness. He is the perfect wakeful state. He is Love, Lover and the Beloved. The Shivatman knows that He is in every Jivatman, and that every Jivatman is in Him. The Shivatman experiences this while the Jivatman does not. Both are the same, and yet, what a difference! The former knows that He is the All-in-All existence, that in existence He always was and will ever remain the same One Infinite Ocean of Truth; while the latter, though he is the same Ocean, does not know whence he came and where he will go.


To sum up, it is the same One Paramatman, who is playing the different parts of the Almighty, Ishwar or Creator; Jivatman or individual; and Shivatman or God-man. In the Paramatman state, the Almighty is One, Indivisible and Infinite, "unconsciously" experiencing and sustaining Infinite Powers, Eternal Existence, Unfathomable Bliss and Universal Complete Knowledge. As Ishwar or Creator, He possesses the same powers, etc., but experiences Himself as engaged in creating, preserving and destroying the creation. As Jivatman or individual, though He is possessed of all powers, etc., He limits Himself with desires, and therefore experiences Himself as finite. But as Shivatman the God-man, and only in the state of Shivatman, that He realizes** all Infinite Powers, etc., in full consciousness.





The dictionary meaning of realization is understanding, and so, even worldly people talk of having "realized" God. As a matter of fact, God-realization means actual Union with God. It is the highest Divine Knowledge and Experience that comes by and through Love, which has in it the spiritual faculties, intuition,


*Kutub is also spelled Qutub in Ramhoo's and many other books.


**Para 3, line 8: change “that He realizes” to “does He realize”. Note that two things change: “that” becomes “does” and “realizes” becomes “realize”. In the printed version of Vol 15, Nos. 1 and 2, page 3, para 2, line 10 this correction was made by the original Awakener editors.-webmaster, JK




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