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The Truth About Religion


(Based on Meher Baba's Teachings)
By Baba's Disciples in India


rrespective of whether he believes through the medium of ideas or idols , with sincere love and faith in Divinity, man can get ever nearer to God, who is already the nearest of all. The essence of faith lies, not in the shape or manner of man's belief, but in the depth and sincerity behind it. The faith that can move mountains, can and does move the greatest of them all—the mountain of Ignorance that denies man a glimpse of his true divinity and conceals from him his true Identity.


God is Freedom, Bliss, Knowledge Eternal. To make Him fit exclusively within the four walls of man-made churches is but added proof of our ignorance. God is Fathomless. To bind Him within the narrow and limited channels of dogmas, creeds, and churchified conventions is to admit our lack of the true perception of God's Omniscience.


Unconsciously man is always seeking, aspiring, yearning for something higher—though he misinterpret that longing in the elusive expression of ambition, power and human love. When the mind stops vacillating amid the flights of its myriad-colored fancies, and focuses on the Centre, then can man visualize his true goal.


God is the Goal, the Centre—no matter from which angle you approach Him, you will find Him if you seek Him persistently. "Seek and ye shall find," are the words of One who knew. To quote an Indian mystic poet: "Ask, ask and ask again, and you shall not ask in vain. Keep on asking, and I swear to you by God, that even though you ask for God Himself, you will have Him."


In the past the Church of Islam has tortured to death many a great saint who asserted his Oneness with God. Let the churches propound what belief they like, they cannot alter the truth of man's Heritage. Let the leaders of churchianity, the professional and hereditary divines, whether they represent the Cross, the Crescent, or any other symbol, flout or discard out of sheer ignorance the truth of man's Ultimate Goal, it stands immovable, unmoved."


Be they white-frocked or black-robed, bearded or clean-shaven, the Priests, Mullas, Dastoors, and Pandits , the man-decreed intermediaries be-




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