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decal of flowers

In Memoriam






(Excerpts from letters written to Baba shortly before Pascal passed awa

in Roosevelt Hospital, July 6, 1954)


New York, 10th June, 1954


"My Beloved Baba:


. . . I am like a new-born boy starting to live again and it goes slowly. You gave me a terrific new outlook about human life and I now see everything from a new angle. I hear voices in the spheres. I have a super-sensitive­ness which I never believed could have existed, and I think I will clear this battlefield before the 16th of this month. I will stay one day in London, then go to Baden-Baden to recover from my illness and get strength for the trip the end of August. I will bring my cameraman and my staff with me because I intend to do the two pictures, 'Gandhi' and 'The Slippers of a Perfect Master'—together. When you hear 'The Slippers of a Perfect Mas­ter' you will laugh tears. A stroke of genius came in my mind to make your picture in a completely revolutionary way. I will bring the scenario with me. Also the scenario of 'Gandhi' will be in a completely new fo . . .


Here I had, I confess, many relapses in my health, and many temptations . . . I will get healthy in Baden-Baden, and I will be the end of August in your everlasting arms. I know you are always with me. Without you, I would be nothing but a little pariah in this world.


God bless you, my dear beloved Baba, and I count the days until I am with you.


Your always faithful Phoenix,




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