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Our Universal God


A Prayer, written in Central China, while sailing down the yellow
Yangtze in bright moonlight, September 19, 1932.  



HOU art Lord of all!

Thou workest in near places and Thou workest in far places.

In the farthest strangest landscapes of all spaces,

Thou are Lord of Power and Genesis.

In countless constellations of fiery suns is manifest

Thy everlasting love of creation.




Thy mind has leaped beyond the cosmic fringes of far lonely stars,

to vision new universes of vivifying light.

In Thy Spirit, awaiting Thy animating Word,

lie the ethereal forms of infinite possible worlds.

And if ever Thou hadst dreams, what inscrutable imagery!

what pageantries of transcendent glories!



And as Thou dwellest in the farthest

So Thou dwellest in the nearest and the smallest.

Thy quickening Spirit ever stirs in those marvelous realms

that are forbidden to man's finest magnifying glasses.

There atoms are palaces, and pearls as big as suns.

There move the primal energies of things.

There somehow are born the children of the stars.



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