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once again BABA remained the Master to his own men only, while in public he moved about as any other pilgrim.


For the few minutes that BABA would spend in the contacting of a mast, a saint or a sadhu, hours had to be spent in making searching inquiries about their whereabouts and their likes and dislikes. If once BABA took a fancy to some one of these he would do his utmost to satisfy and please the mast or saint in order to bring about the meeting to his own satisfaction.


On January 9th, ten of his men (previously selected by BABA) had to file past him the first thing in the morning, whereupon he touched his forehead to the feet of each fifty times. He then led the ten to the riverside and in their presence touched his forehead to the feet of one hundred holy men selected from the different camps. The ten were then told to go to different camps and each was instructed to touch his forehead to the feet of any sadhu he came across until he had thus bowed down to fifty sadhus, equal to the number of times that BABA had paid obeisance to his ten men.


During those five days BABA once remarked that in spite of Allahabad being such a big city, it contained only four persons who were actually on the Path.



Baba says

. . . NO HARD AND FAST rule can be laid down for the attainment of Reality. Every human             being is a law himself on the Path. There is no such thing as 'failure' on the journey       towards Truth or God. It is merely a question of time. Speedy success or progress       depends on past preparedness or the personal contact of a Perfect Master.

. . . GIVE UP your desires, and your false self is lost. Gain pure Love, and your real Self is



. . . ATTACHMENT to the One and detachment from the many is the key to Freedom and



. . . BACKBITERS are friends as they take over our bad sanskaras to themselves.


. . .THE GREATER the opposition, the more the enjoyment for real spiritual workers.


. . . NEVER HESITATE to show the recesses of your heart to one whom you

      consider your spiritual Master.




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