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the foot of the Mount of Olives , there to watch with him?


Shall it be said of us as was said two thousand years ago, "What, could ye not watch with Me one hour?"



Conversations with the Master: on Meditation 


Disciple: In meditation, it is necessary to control the mind; and this requires the use of force. However, the mind cannot be expected to find out the Truth unless it functions freely. How then can we justify meditation?


Baba: I attach more importance to love and work than to meditation. If you love a person, you naturally and spontaneously think about him. There is no question of forcing the mind in such meditation.


Disciple: This type of flowing and spontaneous meditation is, of course, very beautiful and needs no justification. But, why do some systems emphasize the need for concentrating upon some single form?


Baba: If you concentrate upon anything intensely, it shatters the whole structure of sanskaras, so that their chains become loose.


Disciple: How are we to reconcile love for all life with the love for the Master?


Baba: If any one loves anybody, that love ultimately comes to Me, because I am there.





Given on the seashore at Combe Martin, England, April 22, 1932

 "BABA is like the sun . . . anyone whose heart is pure can receive the rays. Make the heart pure by thinking of the Master, and then loving Him.  


"BABA is like the sea, which receives weak or strong, diseased or healthy, dotard, sinner or saint.


"BABA is like an Infinite Ocean, and in order to realize Him, the ego must be annihilated altogether.




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