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  Twelve Ways . . . of Realizing Me



The Master points out Twelve Ways in which the spiritual Seeker may realize his own Divine Self, which is One within all and which is completely manifested in the Perfect Master.


1. Longing . . .

IF YOU EXPERIENCE that same longing and thirst for Union with Me as one who has been lying for days in the hot sun of the Sahara experiences the longing for water, then you will realize Me.

2. Peace of Mind . . .

IF YOU HAVE THE PEACE of a frozen lake, then too, you will realize Me.

3. Humility . . .

IF YOU HAVE THE HUMILITY of the earth which can be molded into any shape, then you will know Me.


4.Desperation . . .

IF YOU EXPERIENCE the desperation that causes a man to commit suicide and you feel that you cannot live without seeing Me, then you will see Me.

5. Faith . . .

IF YOU HAVE THE COMPLETE FAITH that Kalyan had for his Master, in believing it was night, although it was day . . . because his Master said so . . . then you will know Me.

6. Fidelity . . .

IF You HAVE THE FIDELITY that the breath has in giving you company, even without your constantly feeling it, till the end of your life . . . that both in happiness and in suffering gives you company and never turns against you . . . then you will know Me.

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