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and now have to go back alone. It’s all just the way it should be. Be relaxed and happy and preserve your energy! The tasks have been given, large and hard enough, and later there will be even more important tasks for me in Europe when Baba speaks.


Look for a long time on slowly receding Bombay, India! The ocean sits there still and infinitely large. Primordial black color, rolling surface shimmering like steel. Not even the slightest bit of cloud in the sky. The horizon shimmers white-grey, fading into the light azure of the firmament. The evening sun warms me, a wonderfully pleasant wind wafts around me. In front of my eyes the vision of the giant piece on the Elephant Isle. That three-faced bust has the same magnificence and infinity of heavenly breath as the sea. Now I understand when Baba says: "I am the ocean of Truth and Love." Whether it is the trinity Father-Son-Holy Ghost, whether it is Christ or the trinity Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva: it is all one, the manifestation of God-Spirit in its many aspects, in its unending unity and magnificence.


The wind sings on the sea, back and forth in eternal repetition:


Music Scale for Ohm


It is the same fundamental melody of the Indian songs to God. And it is the same thing as the word "Ohm". Or: "Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory - forever. Amen."






Glimpses of The Men's Darshan, continued from page 37.


Sometimes I distribute grain, but the most important thing is that I wash the feet of the poor. I don't really play the part, but become it. So this Arangaon Village is very dear to me; you must have heard that years ago, here there has been the Prem Ashram, a hospital, a leper-colony, an asylum for men and women. I supervised it and gave personal treatment to the lepers, not out of humility, but because I became that. So that village is very dear to me. Tomorrow you will see, how they live. I am One with God, no doubt about it - remember this!"


I am to send Baba 3 pictures of each developed. Purdom and Malcolm had difficulties on notes taken. Baba says, as of today 'get together.' Max Häfliger is now deeper and deeper in love with Baba. He wired, wrote letters. A basket arrived for Baba from Max; the basket contained flowers, bouquet and garland. Baba had the beautiful garland put on Himself. Baba then removed it and hung it over His large picture.


Baba explained: "When Upasni Maharaj came to Sakori first, the hut was built. Baba stayed with Maharaj and Maharaj told Yeshwantrao that Baba is THE ANCIENT ONE (a Sufi name* was given which means God Beyond), so do what Baba tells you to do. As I told you last time Baba did not sleep for 9 months, after meeting Upasni Maharaj, and even after that He would not sleep. At the meeting of 29th and 30th, I will say something which will last until I come back in 700 years."



September 24th.


Sat one half hour and meditated on Baba's figure and face, 12 midnight, to 12:30 a.m. Every time Baba sees Savak (a disciple of Baba], He makes a motion as if to pull up His trousers; it has become an automatic motion, also with Savak. As soon as Savak sees Baba he also makes a motion as if to pull up his trousers! Baba usually walks around us, while we are eating lunch, teasing us, lovingly touching one or the other from behind the chair. Today He tickled each and everyone and watched reactions.


*Actually it was Hindi: Parabrahman.




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