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I was deeply touched by Krishna's story. Remembering my incident with Baba, without telling Krishna why, I compared dates and times with him to be certain, and found them to be exactly the same. Krishna had left Bombay at three o'clock the same day that Baba had drafted the first telegram. When Baba's mood suddenly underwent a change, he had appeared to Krishna on the mountain and there Krishna started for home. It was then clear to me that Baba had acted as he had in order to save Krishna's life.


In such invisible ways, the Divine Beloved helps his lovers wherever they may be. Baba had pushed Krishna to the limit many a time during his life with him, but never had Krishna been so desperate, or felt so abandoned and alone. Baba truly does worship his lovers and nothing ever remains hidden from him.





April through June is the hottest time of the year in India, and so in 1957 Baba decided to spend these summer months in Poona. While we were staying at Ganeshkhind Gardens (Guruprasad) this incident occurred one night.


I was with Baba for nightwatch. When I came to his room he gestured, "Today I am very tired and want to rest. So be careful. Don't make the slightest noise, and don't move either." Baba told me to repeat this instruction ten times out loud, and then he lay down. I quietly sat on the chair in his bedroom, and I was careful to remain absolutely still.


Everything was fine, when all of a sudden I felt a tickle in my throat and I needed to cough. Suppressing the urge, I covered my mouth with both hands; but the harder I tried to subdue it, the more forcefully the sensation came. Then I took my handkerchief from my pocket and stuffed it in my mouth. But that didn't help either and finally feeling that I was about to choke, the sound "ummh;" came from my throat.


Baba opened his eyes and got very upset, saying I had awakened him. "Have you come to serve me or to harass me?" he asked. "I repeatedly told you not to make the slightest sound, but you disturbed my sleep and now I won't be able to rest the whole night!" Baba rebuked me severely, but the matter did not end there. He sent for the women mandali and told me to leave the room, but wait outside by the door.


Baba then bitterly complained to the ladies about me saying, "This man — I told him I was tired and wanted to rest — and he makes noise! He doesn't serve me but is after my life! Why did I ever call him to stay with me? Now I won't be able to sleep the whole night, and today I was feeling exhausted. I feel so restless, I'm getting palpitations. Goher, just see." And Dr. Goher examined Baba ."Because of Bhau this has happened," Baba ended.


Mani interjected, "Baba, I'm sure he didn't do it deliberately . . . "


"Yes, yes, I know that he didn't do it deliberately." Baba answered, "but he disturbed me. What about that?"


Baba sent the women away and called me. He asked, "Will you allow me to rest now or not?"


Because I was standing right by the door, I had heard every word Baba said to the women. I was annoyed and answered, "Do you think I wish that you shouldn't rest?"


"Then why did you make that noise?"


"You didn't ask me or give me a chance to explain."


"Now I am asking you. Why did you make that noise?"


"What can I say, Baba? I was about to die!"


"Die? What happened?" And I told him how I was trying not to cough but was about to choke.


A look of absolute innocence came over Baba's face. "Really! I swear I didn't know anything about It! Come." And Baba embraced me and caressed my face. Then he said,


"Because I love you so much, I harass you so much. This harassment is my prasad for you."


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