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carrier. Baba knew how much Elizabeth loved Kippy and wanted to be sure she'd brought him. Kippy travelled over India in the big Blue Bus, with Elizabeth, Baba, and all the other mandali.





In the days when Meher Center was being readied for Baba, we lived in Youpon Dunes, Elizabeth's house on the shore. One day a beautiful full-grown Dalmatian appeared. He seemed to be so happy to be with us, but Elizabeth thought his owners would be concerned. She found out who they were and they took Nipper home. Nipper ran away again to be with us. This happened several times. Finally his owners said, Nipper wants to be with you, so why don't you keep him? Nipper lived with us for several years along with Banjo, Norina's little dachshund. Finally Baba came in 1952. Now Nipper was happy at Baba's feet every day along with Banjo. He was fed goodies from Baba's own hand, including, one day, a chocolate peppermint patty! He had met the Beloved he had run away to find.





Baba was in the Lagoon Cabin at Myrtle Beach . . . an ant was crawling up His spotless white daaman. Baba leaned down, plucked the ant off gently, walked to the door of the cabin, and put the ant on the ground.





In 1952, on the Open Day of May 17th, Baba gave darshan to hundreds of His two-footed lovers, in the big barn. But some four-foots were interested, too! There were two or three steps up into the barn. All day a beautiful black and gold land tortoise struggled to get up the steps to Baba. When Baba came out, His attention was called to the tortoise, and He bent down and patted it on the back. The moral to this story is, A tortoise may walk slowly, but he can be quick to recognize the Avatar!!




Once, when Baba was going away on a trip, he asked his women mandali to meditate on him by writing his name as tiny as they could on pieces of paper. Each tiny piece of paper held Baba's name. Later they crumpled up the pieces of paper and threw them in the water, and fish would come up and eat the balls of paper with Baba's name on them.





In the 30s Baba sent out a call for a special monkey. He said it would be a monkey who would respond to him. Monkeys after monkeys were brought up the hill. But none were the right monkey. One day a tiny cage arrived. In it was a wee monkey with huge, sparkling eyes and long lashes. Baba and the men mandali made a circle around the cage. Then it was opened. Baba said if the monkey jumped first on to Baba, it was the one! Yes, the tiny monkey shot right onto Baba's left arm, right under his heart! And was spontaneously named Lucky. Lucky was given to Norina to take care of. He used to sleep on her open palm. He was very naughty too, and squeezed out toothpaste and knocked over powder boxes. But as soon as Baba appeared, he would jump onto him and hug him dearly.





Moti the peacock was very beautiful and he knew it! He knew just how to pose on his post so his gorgeous tail was displayed to its best advantage. Moti


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