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From A Baba Lover


When I see Him

my heart turns

a somersault


the moon's image

in a lake

when a lover

throws in a daisy petal

that says

"...He loves me!"

— Jane DeLyser





I would  
that I were  
so poor in spirit
as to see  
thru the eye  
of the needle
the coming of the camel  
  — Robert Dreyfus




The Ocean's Game


Sea launched spray into sky,
then called it home.
  What recreation!
From cloud to earth,
drop sought the winding river.
  What separation!
Tossed by the storm,
drop lost its way.
  What humiliation!
Becoming a tear,
it wept through countless forms.
  What purification!
But to cross the desert,
It had to be man.
  What exaltation!
Arrived at the shore,
man kissed the surf.
  What intoxication!
Man drank and was swallowed
by the infinite brew.
  What glorification!
The Ocean smiled
and released another drop.
          What mystification!
— Kendra Crossen
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