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Sketch of Meher Baba smiling                      
       I had such grand ideas of being on Meherabad Hill  with Baba. That would   be  where perfection lay: nothing would go amiss, there would be no angry words  no misunderstandings that with Baba.
     And  then  one  day something  happened and I was very upset. Just at that point Baba came by and I ran up to Him and threw my arms around Him and cried, "Oh, Baba, everything's spoiled, every thing's spoiled!"
     He calmed me down and I soon realized that the Hill was a miniature of the world and these  things  had  to   happen, even as they did out in the world. I couldn't  expect  that it  was just going to be beautiful and wonderful. This incident  had to happen at    the

beginning of my life at Meherabad or I would have just gone on in a rosy haze, oblivious to the opportunities to change the very core of my life.


All three books should join your library!

— f.f.


Love Alone Prevails, a story of life with Meher Baba, Kitty Davy. 727 pp. hardbound, illustrated. Sheriar Press 1981, $25.00


Because of Love — my life and art with Meher Baba, Rano Gayley. 130 pp. hardbound, illustrated. Sheriar Press 1983, $45.00


Love Personified, 295 photographs of Meher Baba, presented by Hermes Reiter. pp. hardbound. Manifestation, Inc. 1982. For current price write P.O. 991, N. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582.


The Zen Environment, Marian Mountain, 256 pp., paperback, Bantam Books 1983. $3.95


Through The Narrow Gate, Karen Armstrong, Hardbound, 281 pp., St. Martins Press, 1981, $12.95


Mother's Agenda, vols. I, II. soft cover, 540 pp., Institut de Recherchés, 1979.


To Live Within, Lizelle Reymond, hardcover, 271 pp., Doubleday, 1971, $6.95


JUST OUT . . . WELCOME HOME, A Guide to Traveling to Meherabad and Meherazad, India, 80 pp., soft cover, Friends of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, 1983, $2.25. Write box 24331, Washington D.C., 20024


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