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have profited and learnt much. It will be a changed Leyla but yet the same Leyla. You have helped Me a lot by cooperation and not "kicking against the pricks." I would love to have had you here with Me, but you say truly there are lessons that must be learnt even apart from the physical presence of the Master. I teach you wherever you are. But not all make it so easy for Me to teach them as you have done by trying to understand My ways and yourself better. You love Me as few do and because of this deep love I can test you by putting so much on you to work through and overcome for My sake.


When I draw the curtain you will understand all and smile at My game. It is all illusion. The pain of yesterday is no more — the joy of a week ago is no more —only the present exists and the love you feel for your Beloved. The pain caused from the separation from your Beloved is real as is the happiness that union with your Beloved is real.


But as I have once said, the unconscious self which is God, to become conscious had to go through the apparent opposite process of duality to become aware of the oneness with God and give that conscious union with God which makes lover and Beloved one.


In my conscious state I limit Myself, so too in the conscious state of My Circle I set also limits and when I choose I free them from those limits, but in My own time. Until then be happy, content and know it is all My doing. If you could understand but a little how great is My love for you, you would feel all was worthwhile if it is to please your Beloved.


You make the effort and I will give you the victory. It is a divine struggle with purpose behind it. Don't fight against it.


'Tis in vain the bars to beat


Effort and struggle are vain.'




All My love to yourself, your Mother and your family

(signed) M.S. Irani



c/o M.S. Irani
The Links



10th February 1940

Dearest Leyla:


I was indeed happy to receive on the same day two letters from you and also your two articles for the magazine, which I know were written for Me and came straight from the heart. I like both and especially the one on Love.


When you feel this urge to express yourself on paper never check it. As you try to put these thoughts down they will become clearer and give you a deeper understanding. Much that is written is often in such a chaotic state, that to disassemble one idea from another is not easy.


I know every inch of you. I know you better than you know yourself and I will teach you in My own way all things concerning your real Self. Seek and strive to know Me, your Beloved — and bit by bit you will know your real Self, for am I not your real Self?


Realize Me and you will know God. No other pursuit is worthwhile when you have met the Beloved. Everything then centers round Him. You see all beauty through Him, be it expressed through poetry, art, or music, or through life itself. All work, whether of your hands or academic is done for Him, and your only attachment is your Beloved. All service then becomes selfless, whether done for friend, family or stranger. All are one and towards this "One" the motion too is one — to please Him, whom to please is to know. There is no other knowing. Feeling is not knowing.


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