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No tantalizing effects are there for us, you see. Now, more figuratively. This is, say, Meherazad, hm? Or, the Tomb -- that Tomb of course signifies something different -- so, say Meherazad, where he was stationed physically. Now this is His seat. You have been permitted to come; there is a multitude coming here. After a long time, they are having this opportunity to go to Him, and they are all anxious. All the time, all the time their thoughts are on Him: when will they go, when will they reach Him, when will they see Him, when will they be enfolded in His arms, and all that. That happens to a lover, it happens like that. That is what I am describing.


Now what happens is, you get down at the bus stop there, where the approach road begins. You know how long it is; three-fourths of a mile. There are many sorts of trees there, there are many huts there, many shepherds there. Different shepherds are there for the sheep, and there are cowherds, and all sorts of things are there. When you come here, in all eagerness to be in His arms, would you be taking notice of all that is there? If you were to ask me, "Did you notice that palm tree there? Did you notice that particular cherry tree that is there on the road?", I'd say "No -- is that so, there? I haven't seen it." "Why didn't you see it? You were there, traversing the path." "No. we were not traversing the path. We were heading toward the destination. Path was following us." You follow? That is the figure.


But the one who is on the path, he will notice every pebble that is there, every rock that is there, the ruts in the path that are there, then the cowherds, the shepherds, people living in the huts; and then he will converse with them, stop there, and he'll be enticed into their houses. He'll be welcome there, and he'll feel he'll get happiness there, have breakfast there, lunch there, and all sorts of things. And then it takes a long time for him to reach the destination. The time is over when he comes here. He comes to admire the mansion, because he is a wayfarer on the path. So when he comes, he just looks at the mansion. He misses the Lord of the mansion, but he admires the mansion. It’s like that.


So, every time with the Advent it is such a great blessedness, you see. It's a blessing we are now in this era when He has been with us. He is with us, for a hundred years or so now.


Path is created by us, you see. But one who is concentrating all his thought and devotion, his heart and his consciousness, his everything upon Him , for him there is no path, whether you are in involution or evolution or whatever process is there. He even aids the very concept of Realization.


Questioner: Does the idea of involution apply to us, then?


Eruch: There is involution, it is all there, the Path is there, you see.


Questioner: But without experience of it.


Eruch: Yes, without. Its all there, but you don't experience it. Just as He has used the word: you are led "blindfolded". You follow? And that blindfolding is not just mechanical blindfolding, because -- words fail here. You may call it your heart is set upon, your whole focus of consciousness is upon Him. Whatever you call it, it is just on Him. He becomes the Path, the Way and the Goal.


Questioner: You're inattentive to the Path so profoundly that it doesn't exist for you.


Eruch: Doesn't exist -- although it is there. The powers are there on the Path, you see. Many enchantments are there. All the powers are confronting you, they are just prostrating before you: "Use me! I am here!" But you, you discard all this. Your attention is always on Him. Your heart is set upon Him: when will I go, when will I see Him, when will I be with Him, when will I be in His company? You don't take any cognizance of this. They don't exist for you, really speaking, let alone "don't care". You don't even notice they are all there. It is so, it's a fact.


So that's why the greatest spiritual dispensation is His being in our midst.


ending decal


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