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me in your Names, the strength, the power and the wisdom to fulfill all that I have taken      this form for, and see that all I have declared at the last Meherabad meeting comes      to      pass. I now give up using the board, it being my gesture before God for breaking My      Silence soon."


Baba sent me and Pendu on a tour of six months to India and Pakistan for Baba work, beginning from the 1st April, 1951*, at Meherazad. Baba told me to repeat the following before addressing the people each day:


O God, Baba is sending us both in your Name and Baba's and we ask that your will be done in this work.


The Prayer for Baba's lovers and mandali was dictated by Baba on 25th August, 1959 at Meherazad:


Beloved God, help us all to love You more and more and more and more and still yet      more, until we become worthy of union with You; and help us all to hold fast to Baba's      daaman till the very end.


Here is Baba's Prayer of 1953, Dehra Dun:


To all Avatars, all God's messengers, all Perfect Masters, all sadgurus, all Kutubs, all      walis, all friends of God, all saints, all lovers of god, I bow down.


In 1953 he says:


"O Ahura Mazda, please accept the obeisance that is from Baba to his five Perfect      Masters, - Sai Baba, Babajan, Upasni Maharaj, Tajuddin Baba and Narayan Maharaj."


And he would bow down, that's what he would do; make us read out that prayer and then bow down. Then here's another dictation by Baba, 19th June, 1953 in Dehra Dun. A complete list of departed Baba lovers was read out while Baba stood silently with the other mandali:


"My salutations to all the past, present and future Perfect Masters, kutubs, majzoobs,      masts, lovers and seekers of God. I, today, remember with my love, in accordance to their      love and faith, the following physically departed lovers of mine."


And the list was read out.


Baba said, in 1953, at Dehra Dun:


In all honesty, in God's Name, I'm longing for this period infinitely more than any of you      (the mandali). Till such time, have patience, have courage and face the hardships with      fortitude; by this you will be helping me. And what Baba has been telling all of you, his      mandali, there is no doubt God will fulfill it to the very letter. In June and July, Baba will do      his work very intensely.


Baba's dictation, on 8:45 a.m., 2nd May, 1953:


"O eternally merciful Paramatma, (God the Beyond), Allah, most merciful Benevolent God,      Most merciful God Almighty, Yezdan, the Bestower, You are absolutely independent . . . "


That’s how he began the Repentance Prayer. He says:


"O Infinitely Merciful Paramatma, knowing that You are so absolutely independent, I have      taken hold of Your independence and I am approaching You. I, Baba, with absolute      humility, on his behalf and on behalf of all who love him, and on behalf of all worthy      penitents, I wish to express my repentance . . . "


After this, the usual Confession Prayer, or Repentance Prayer, was read out. "Please accept what I now say on behalf of all . . .


"We repent O God most merciful . . . etc."


So at that moment we thought and felt that we all were absolutely absolved from all our sins.


This prayer was recited at 4:30 p.m., 28th October, 1959, when both men and women mandali were present in the Mandali Hall. which Harry Kenmore, who was there too, called "a tent":


From tomorrow till 30th December — sixty-three days — Baba will work alone with the help      of Kaikobad for fifteen minutes and if possible with the help of a mast. Baba has decided      to completely finish his spiritual universal work by 30th


*1952: page 3767, and Eruch speaking October 21, 1979 on a Mandali Hall talk tape webmaster JK 2014.


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