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" I'm not the body,

I’m not the mind,

I’m not this

I’m not that

I’m nothing but the living lie of that Truth that is me;

and unless the lie is dead the truth cannot live. (be known)."


Then he'd say, this is Saint Francis' prayer:


"Why were the saints, saints?

Because they were cheerful when it was difficult to be cheerful;

Patient when it was difficult to be patient;

Because they pushed on when they wanted to stand still;

Kept silent when they wanted to talk;

And were agreeable when they wanted to be disagreeable."


That was all. It was quite simple. I don't remember why it was written . . . Here's another given to Baba by 1938 to my mother Gaimai in Rishikesh (adopted from Hafiz):


"Tied to a plank, I was tossed into the Ocean by the Master and then told to beware and      not let the hem of my garment get wet."




The world sleeps for eight hours, the devotee sleeps for four hours, but the Jagatguru -      God - remains awake at all hours.


The Jagatguru is the "Guru of the world," the God-Man. He often said things like this spontaneously to my mother. Baba would always want my mother to be patient, to remember these little secrets.


Q.: Composed on the spot?


A.: Yes. He says;


A child doesn't know it is growing, it doesn't run all of a sudden, it has to learn to run gradually, it has to learn to walk before it runs.




You can't soak a piece of cloth to be dyed immediately, you have to go on soaking, taking it out, soaking it again, and gradually it catches hold of the dye.


First it’s for running, then for dyeing.




O this man has slept for innumerable incarnations, (i.e., steeped in ignorance) and he is      bound to awaken but will awaken very, very gradually.




A crow can go on cawing thousands of times, but it cannot become a bulbul (sweet     nightingale). A mule can try to run one thousand ways but it cannot compete with     Mohammed's horse. (Dul-dul).


So have patience, Baba says! There were other English prayers. Here is one glorifying the Lord: (see opposite page) [online: see next page-webmaster]


This is how he wanted us to pray.


This is the poem read out at 6:45 p.m. 7th October, 1953*. It is the occasion when he gave up the alphabet board. It is the last thing he dictated on the board.


O Sai Baba, O Upasni Maharaj, O Babajan, O Tajuddin Baba, O Narayan Maharaj, You      the five-in-One and the One-in-five, the divine Beings representing the Absolute One! I      [now]** bow down to You in perfect homage. It is due to you five Men-gods that I am what I      am, the Ancient One, the Everlasting One. May the Beloved God with whom You five are      one, for whom you five are working universally, give


*correct year is 1954 - Lord Meher p. 4559

**[now bow to you] Lord Meher p. 4559


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