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Keep remembering me with love in your daily activities.


The Ocean of my Love is yours to fill your heart with. Obey me implicitly if one day you want to know me as I am. To obey the God-Man is the highest form of worship to God in human form.


Simplest thing for you to do is just love me in the most natural way, as a child would love his mother.


Keep happy and cheerful and never worry about the environment in which you find yourself...everything is in its place according to the Divine Plan and because of the Love of the God-Man for his creation.


I want you to lead a normal, loving, honest life in My Love and Service - keeping in mind to please Me always.


I was God

I am God in human form

And I will ever remain God.



Given at Tadepalligudem, Feb. 26, 1954


On the morning of February 26, at about 8 p.m. Baba told Ramjoo that He had a mind to say something on Naz and Niaz, and asked for Kishan Singh, who was not present but was doing some work where the Mandali were staying. Baba then said that whenever He gets the urge to say something important, things go wrong, the mike doesn't work, disturbances take place, persons concerned are not present, etc. However, at about 8:15 Kishan Singh joined the Mandali at Baba's place and Baba gave the following discourse on Naz and Niaz:


Now I want to explain about Naz and Niaz. The Sufis always pressed this point about and Niaz. The term has become so common nowadays that every Muslim poet, big or small, has started using it.


Now Naz literally means Nakhra (never satisfied) and it is considered one of the dominant habits of the Beloved. Sufis refer to God and to Perfect Masters or Sadgurus as perfect personification of Naz — as always being full of Naz. Why? Because God is absolutely independent and indifferent. (Be-parwah). Now you may think that for God, Who is the source of everything, and for Sadgurus, who are God personified, to be indifferent sounds absurd.


Niaz means to dance to every tune (Nakhra) of the Beloved. This does not mean obedience or surrender. To carry out the Nakhra of God and Sadgurus is a great thing, — that is, to dance to every tune of the Beloved, who is absolutely independent and indifferent. The Beloved is indifferent; and so is the Sadguru. God the Beloved is independent and indifferent; and a lover of God is dependent on every independent move of the Beloved.


Now this sounds almost absurd: the Sadguru is independent and his lover is totally dependent, not on the Sadguru, but on every independent move of the Sadguru.


Now the second aspect is most wonderful. We just spoke of God and the Sadguru's independent nature. That nature is of the Infinite Reality; but the Sadguru has taken a form of illusion. God with His full independence and infinity behind Him takes on the cloak of illusion. Now what happens is, as soon as the garb of illusion is worn by the guru, all the suffering of the whole universe, due to ignorance which is the basis of illusion, is taken on by him.




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