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Righteousness is the best gift. It is Bliss. Bliss is to those who are righteous for the sake of righteousness.

Ashem Vohu


He, who pleases Thee, worships Thee with offerings, to him Thou, Ahura Mazda, givest better than the good and he who does not worship Thee becomes at the end worse than the bad.

Vohu Kshthra Gatha 51:6


Zarathustra offers the very life of this body and the excellence of pure mind to Ahura Mazda. Also he offers his obedience to the religious mandates for the sake of Truth.


Ahunavad 33:14

All acts, words and devotion bestowing immortality, truth, authority, and bliss, Oh Ahura Mazda, I first offer to Thee.

Ahunavad 34:1  


With full homage I offer Thee and Ash Vahishta (Highest Righteousness) all articles of worship. In Thine Divine Kingdom all creatures are protected. Truly wise is he who in every matter worships Thee and Thy associates.

Ahunavad 34:3


If Thou, Oh Ahura Mazda, are indeed the very existence of Righteousness and Pure Thoughts, then guide me through intuition the conduct of my whole life in this world so that as Thy worshipper with increased devotion and with prayers glorifying Thee I may reach nearer Thee.

Ahunavad 34:6


Oh Ahura Mazda: where are Thy worshippers, who holding purity of mind dear at heart and considering the religious mandates (Divine laws) as the best wealth, wisely live according to them both in happiness and in misery.

Oh Truth save Thee I know none, so save us.

Ahunavad 34:7


Oh Ahura Mazda: to him who propagates Thy religion grant complete bliss on giving him Thy powerful and public aid, so That he with all his strength may lead us to happiness.


Spentomad 50:5


Submitting to Thy will and aspiring the Highest, I praise Thee, Oh Ahura Mazda, with songs of Thy glory.

Purity is best for man from its very birth.

Spentomad 48:5

Zarathustra, possessor of wisdom and the mover of his tongue on the right path, is the friend of those, Oh Ahura Mazda who utters sacred Manthras with pure heart and due reverence.

They can teach My secrets with a pure mind.

Spentomad 50:6



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