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The Mastery of Consciousness


An Introduction and Guide to Practical Mysticism
and Methods of Spiritual Development
as Given by MEHER BABA


Compiled and Edited by Allan Y. Cohen


Eleven years in the making, this book about Meher Baba attempts to answer the questions: What is Meher Baba's spiritual method? What does he say to do if people are interested in following his path? What does Baba say about the different approaches to seeking God?


The book follows the original outline approved by Meher Baba, featuring both familiar and rare statements by Meher Baba on the practical techniques of spiritual growth, including general methods and the special approach of the Avatar. Although its editorial approach explicitly accepts Meher Baba as the God-Man, it is written to show how a life of love, obedience, surrender and remembrance of Meher Baba can be the most efficient and practical spiritual method available to any sincere seeker.


Professor Jacob Needleman, author of The New Religions, states: "By carefully balancing respect for his teacher's formulations with consideration for the reader who is unfamiliar with applied mysticism, Allan Cohen has produced a book that will be of real service to anyone seeking to make a choice from among the many 'new religions'."


Peter Townshend comments: "I feel the book does everything it set out to do; it helps clear up what to DO about the spiritual path as set out by Baba. It has been needed a long time and is finally here."


Fills Frederick, editor of The Awakener, says: "Allan has done the "how to" Baba book -- how to follow Baba, love Baba, obey Baba, how to interpret his basic message of love and Truth. Even the old-time Baba lovers can draw on its rich and balanced perceptions. Dr. Cohen doesn't promise you a rose garden (neither did Meher Baba!) but he does give you some very insightful glimpses into what it means to follow a modern-day Avatar — both the hardships and the joys. I liked especially his overview of the Baba movement."



           202 pages including annotated bibliography, Harper & Row Colophon Books


Available through bookstores ($3.95) or send $4.35 (includes postage and handling) to:


Sufism Reoriented Bookstore

1300 Boulevard Way

Walnut Creek, California 94595


(California residents please add 25¢ sales tax)


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