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sponsored by Peter. John Annunziato had made a documentary of Kim Grajera in London and Anita Viellard* in Paris. Work was also being done by Ginney Katz, an American Baba lover and professional editor, on the East/West Gathering film. To accompany the Parvardigar song, she had put together specially selected shots of Baba from various films.


As Allan Cohen came for a short visit in May, Peter and John took the opportunity to make two documentaries with him. He also gave a talk at Eccleston Square.


Peter, with so much to do gave as much time as he could to 'Delia,' having promised me that it would be shown at the opening. This meant sometimes that he and John would work all night on it and other films. With the arrival of Kitty Davy in June, the pace quickened.


With a sigh of relief, we went to the airport to meet Adi Sr. and Jack Small. Peter had prepared a full ten days' programme of music, drama, films and food. None of us who were present will ever forget that inspiring time full of Baba's love and presence. When Adi planted the tree in the grounds, one felt that something firm and lasting had taken place.


Kitty gave a very interesting talk telling of how Baba had kept so many busy with His film project, and read from Baba's personal letters giving instructions about it. Adi made a tremendous impact, and his talks and stories delighted us all. Cables came from America, the Mandali, Mani, and a pink coat of Baba's with a beautiful message from Mehera.


About 25 people who had met Baba cane to Oceanic during this period. Among them were Anita Vieillard, Dara, Shireen, Freni, Kim Grajera, Fred Marks, Dorothy and Tom Hopkinson, Molly and Ann Eve, the Häfligers from Switzerland, Enid Corfe, Mrs. Hilde Thorpe, Mrs. Bird, Aminta Barton, Ann Conlon, and many others.


Many of us spent the Silence Day at Oceanic and it was broken by Adi at 12 p.m. in the Quiet Room — that beautiful room which leads out to a balcony overlooking the Thames and Kew Gardens.


All during those ten days everyone seemed to be caught up in the spirit of international good-will and a desire to do what they could to make it a success. Mehera's message expressed our own hopes and good wishes to Peter. The message read:




Beloved Baba's dear children gathered here today, we your Meherazad family are very happy at this joyous occasion which inaugurates MEHER BABA OCEANIC, made possible by Beloved Baba's Grace.


Peter Townshend's desire to create Meher Baba Oceanic, with its pure aims and ideals has been inspired by his love for his Beloved Master, Avatar Meher Baba. Working for Baba does not mean that things are smooth and easy, but when you are whole-hearted in your endeavor to serve and please Him, Baba always makes it possible, He guides and helps you at every step. We are proud of you dear children, of your selfless dedication in the work that you do in Baba's Love.


Our dear Peter, in his love for Beloved Baba, has played a major role in constructing Meher Baba Oceanic. It is now for you all to help make it Baba's Home, where you can gather and work in His Love, and feel that He is here with you and know that His beautiful presence surrounds you. It is also for you all to make Meher Baba Oceanic a happy and harmonious medium for others to be drawn to Meher Baba's precious Love.


May Avatar Meher Baba's Love and Blessings shower on you all on this special day. Love to you each His dear ones from your Meherazad family.


Lovingly in Beloved Baba's Infinite Love,


                                                 Signed, Mehera


Baba said, "Let your lives be my Message of love and truth for others."


*Vieillard is the correct spelling-webmaster


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