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  drawing by Rosalie Dunphy
Your touch is my life.
When I drift into the melody
struck by Your love and
witness my heart playing
A flower is dying, not from
need of light nor the lacking
for water does this flower


My heart watches daily as

the flower fades, and silently

I say, "beautiful flower, you

are but a moment's colour and

form in His vast garden!"


Clouds are bursting within me.

I huddle near a flame that burns

in my heart, in fear that the clouds

should bring thunder instead of rain!


I am not worthy Beloved. In

this world have I laughed and

sorrowed, only waiting . . . waiting

for You. Many have asked me,

what am I doing here? I answer

with a tear!


Aspire my heart with a longing

that as a lover I come before You,

kissing Your threshold, though

bitter separation pangs my heart,

leaving me tasteless like a un-

ripening fruit!


A gentle voice came to me and spoke silently, saying, "Look out the window of your eyes and see that beyond the form of all objects there is God. Speak to the stars and the dust that clings to your feet. And every soul that happens by your path — speak of love to him that God may awaken in his heart."

— Marc Franc


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