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The Beloved has strung time into a necklace: each bead is a tear-drop

and a blazing sun.


In the Silence the count-down has begun and soon, what is to be done

will be done.


The only thing That will count now is love — the time is so short.

We have reached the end of the game, this time of seeker and sought.


A little time with the Beloved; and the next scene rehearsed.

Who were rich, who were poor, will take the stage with roles reversed.


For all this I do not care: the Beloved's glance

Has assured me that nothing will be left to chance.


Whatever my lot, I pray that he will implant his Name in my soul —

He, who ever was my fairest love, my way and goal.


Finally that bright Beloved said:


When I break my Silence and speak the Word of Words, men will realize that the supreme purpose of life is not in acquiring more knowledge about things which are passing, but in experiencing in themselves Truth which is eternal.





small sketch of Baba with hand on cheek The Perfect Companion to The Discourses . . .
The Path
of Love
by Meher Baba


The Awakener Magazine is proud to present this collection of talks, messages and excerpts from the teachings of Avatar Meher Baba, many of which were sent exclusively to us by Meher Baba Himself and are not printed elsewhere.


It consists of three sections: God and God-Man; Aspects of The Path; and The Art of Discipleship, including articles on Bhakti Yoga, on Knowledge and Imagination, on Annihilation of the Mind, The Aura and the Halo, The Avatar's Circles, on Worry, the Twelve Ways of Realizing God, on the Creation, and other fascinating spiritual insights. Avatar Meher Baba discusses all these points from the point of view of One who is Perfected in Consciousness. His humanity is so commingled with His divinity that these teachings easily reach down from the God-State to the human state, to enlighten and guide us all.


$3.95 at your favorite bookstore or send $4.40 postpaid, by check or money order, to:

P.O. Box 4455, Catalina Stn., Pasadena, CA 91106


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