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Photo of Mansari holding a cup of tea
Recipe Corner




Ingredients: Tapioca, Salt, Water and Love.


Method: Soak the tapioca the day before in the evening. Watch the water: if it is soaked up, add more. The next day, according to the quantity of tapioca, put enough water in a pan and boil; add some salt. After a while pour that soaked tapioca in it and keep stirring. If it seems to be thick, add water; if it is thin, let it boil. After making it once or twice you will know by experience whether it is ready or not. Then spread a plastic sheet on table or stone floor or on a cookie sheet. Take the boiled mixture and with the help of a ladle spread it in round, separate shapes (as you have seen here at Meherabad!) and let them dry in the sun; or in a very slow oven (250°). Be sure each chip is very dry, then store in an airtight tin . . . until you want to deep-fry and enjoy them (I will come and join you!). Use any good frying oil and pan.


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