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urgent it may appear to be, has practically very little value: that the experiences of the world each is passing through, are nothing but phases of life each one has to pass through, suffering one way or the other. The whole world at the present moment passes through a period of transition, all suffering differently — for money, for health, for family or other troubles and so on, while all humanity suffers thus for material cause or consideration. And they suffer best, for the ultimate good.


Give My love to all — (individual letters follow).


"The Soul" — to realize My infinite eternal, beyond state, must detach itself from all manifoldness, from everything that is "creaturely", from everything that is individual. In short to embrace and become one with the all-divine Infinite state, one has to completely escape from the clutches of gross, subtle, and mental phenomena.





Meherabad, Ahmednagar, 3rd January, 1938

Dear Irene,


I have by Me three of your letters not yet answered. The first dated 26th November and the other two the 5th and 17th December. This is what I like. Don't wait for an answer from Me but just write as the spirit moves you. In time you will feel My answer to the contents of your letters even without My sending it through the post.


I am so glad to hear that Kanute is back with you. On no account must you part with him without asking my permission first. I had my reasons for leaving him in your charge. I knew you loved him and that in time he too would respond to your love and grow to love you too. Human affection towards the animal kingdom can hasten their evolution considerably. We have a big dog here called "Chum" and he loves Me very very much. I alone feed him and often play with him. Sometimes he gets very jealous and won't let others come near Me, especially if they are new-comers and he is not accustomed to seeing them about the place. Also some time ago when I was in seclusion up here and no one was allowed to come near to the place where I was sitting and sleeping he (Chum) used to sit outside My hut on the step and keep guard and it would have gone badly to any one who dared to cross the threshold. Even Walu who used to bring me my food twice a day could only bring it to the foot of the step when I took Chum inside the hut with Me.


I was interested to read about the riding school and their 'Gymncana' for Christmas and that you entered for some of the events. I hope you came out successful in some of them. Keep up your riding. It is good for your health.


Meet as often as is possible others of the group, especially Hedi and her family and Nadia. Talk about Me to others whom you think need My help and love. I am here to draw all souls to Me through love and this I do directly and indirectly — indirectly through those who already know and love Me as do the group in Zurich.


I read what you say about Anita's request. Don't go to Paris for the present. Look after your family while your Mother is in Germany and go on with your English and typewriting. They will both be useful in My work later on.


I am so happy that you love Me as you do. You proved that love by serving Me as no one else could have done in Cannes. You saw that I had everything I needed. Nothing was too much for your love — and I purposely was exacting at times, to test that love. I have to make use of "Maya" to help you overcome "Maya".


Keep well and go on thinking of Me "with joy in your heart" as you say, then you will be happy and not worry.

All My Love,
(Signed) M. S. Irani


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