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You can have no idea how happy you all have made Me by responding to My call to come to India. Near Me will be most interesting as it will enable you to see Me work and share My work. All possible arrangements have been made to make the physical life easy for you Westerners over there. And though it won't be the crown of thorns, it won't be a bed of roses either. You will be shown from time to time the three phases of My activities in the three different retreats, — the modern, the primitive and the simple. And remember, dearest ones, the surrenderance cannot be surrenderance if it is conditional. Rather you surrender or you don't. If you surrender you can deceive yourself by asserting "Baba must take care of my health, Baba must look after my family, I must not fall ill, I must not die," — etc. These assertions would indicate lack of faith of a disciple for his Master who is supposed to be all knowing, all powerful.


You can rely on Me and leave it to Me, but not make it conditional by asserting.


And now let Me tell you the only thing that matters as far as you are concerned — Try to obey My instructions implicitly.



Don't argue, — just do as I say, and everything will be O.K.!




Meherbad Ahmednagar, December 1, 1936

My dearest,


I have all your letters.


My seclusion still continues. I see none, nor do I attend to external affairs except very urgent cases where My advice and help are extremely essential.


It is all for the great work I am doing in this seclusion, and if replies to all your letters take long, none should feel impatient, for you all know how I love you. Just remember, dearest, that even from this seclusion, Baba knows how each dear one feels, and looks to all the needs of each and helps all.


I am fully aware, dearest ones, how each of you await a letter from Me and what it means to you. And I am writing to each of you individually, soon. I am very happy that you have been so patient all this time, and I want you to have a little more patience, and just to wait a little longer.


How closer this patient awaiting and the deep longing bring you all to Me, you could hardly imagine and I am indeed so glad to see your love grow deeper and more intense in spite of the long separation that is so unbearable as I alone know.


But we shall meet, soon.


Meanwhile, ALL MY LOVE,
M. S. Irani



Undated, — probably 1936


. . . Replies to letters and various questions asked have been kept pending for the last three to four months, although inner communications continue all the more, and internal help through intuition, glimpses and other inner experiences is always given whenever and wherever expedient. That is so easy, so dearest, tell all the dear ones you mentioned in your letters explaining that I am busy during this seclusion doing great inner work in consideration of which all the other external work of the world, however important or


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