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until the "Majestic" moved gradually out of the dock and out of their sight, is still a fresh memory! And once again the same touching scene is repeated. His American group of the closest ones with the beloved "Trinity" and Aminta from Europe, had to say sad parting at the Los Angeles R.R. station on the "Lark" train that carried the beloved idol of all hearts thousands of miles away! And he could feel the beat of each loving heart as it cried in submissive silence at the thought of a long separation that was to come at least for year! And the expression of his face clearly conveyed how his heart went out in love for those who meant so much to him! This is their reward, and means a great relief and peace!


The night passed rather uncomfortably, each rattle of the wheel reminding of the distance that increased by the fraction of a mile, bringing back to memory the happy time we all had in company with the loved ones — a vivid recollection of the remarkable feeling and depth of love each dear heart felt for beloved Baba in Hollywood, making us forgetful of the distance that every minute added in mile after mile, 'til one hardly realized that it was dawn and we were in a train! And thus it continued . . .


Three days of a tiresome rail journey, with three changes enroute, and without the company of the dear ones who accompanied him all the way from New York via Santa Fe to Los Angeles, seemed too sad indeed. But Love always "lives" and keeps the spirit alive. Loving messages from the other end from darling Norina and Elizabeth, from beloved Shalimar and the "Trinity" and Em-Jay, and the other dear ones, promising the hearty cooperation and enthusiasm to do his work — have made him so happy! That the all are trying their utmost to do his bidding with all heart and love is indeed so cheering. Every time he received and read these messages of love conveyed with such warmth and depth of hearts and the devotion and enthusiastic cooperation they all expressed, his heart has gone out in love toward them all with an expression on his face for the sight of which all at the other end would have given their very lives. That he misses you all after such a delightful period of three weeks of a life in an atmosphere of perfect Love, harmony and enthusiasm with such hard work for him and his cause — is unquestionably true! Each knows and feels it much better than any amount of explanation could express.



Love to you — dearest ones — and love also to all your wholehearted, untiring effort!




Hollywood, May 11, 1936

My Beloved Baba —

In my heart a floweret grows
Tender sweet and fair
Nor can rarest flower that blows
E 'en with it compare.


My love like air and sun and shower

The petals rare unfold

And deep within its chalice there

My secret lies untold.


So it will bloom forever more
Nor time, nor death shall stay
The beauty and the fragrance
Which at Thy feet I lay.


I humbly beg acceptance

Of a thing so very small,

But there is nothing else to give

For Thou hast given me all.




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