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Q: But how can India give the world a message of Peace, Love and Brotherhood when it's own people, the Hindus and Mohammedans, fight amongst themselves over petty, silly and childish questions?


"These quarrels between the Hindus and the Mohammedans, the friction between the Brahmins and the Untouchables give the impressions that India is a land of dissention and division caused by caste, colour and creed. Real 'Swaraj' (self-government) is the 'raj' government) of the soul. When spiritual freedom is gained, the moral, mental and material swarajs' (governments) automatically follow. Let India rise above these petty squabbles and assert itself as the home of Saints and Masters imparting spirituality to the entire world, now confused and tormented in the dregs of materialism, utterly and pitiably ignorant of the true aim of life and the destiny of mankind. Saints, Masters and Spiritually Perfect Souls always help humanity through their Infinite Love, but individual efforts are also essential. The task of these 'torch-bearers of humanity' would be rendered easier if they could have the cooperation of the world. No talk but thought and no thought without action. That is what the world needs, and that it will receive. The time is approaching."


After this explanation, dictated by Baba, was read, Mr._____ requested permission to ask a few personal questions about Baba which were answered:


Q. When will you speak?

A. "In about two years."


Q. When will be the actual manifestation, what period?

A. "Twelve years, after I speak. These twelve years of my silence were in preparation for it."


Q. What will be the effect of this manifestation?

A. "Convincing."


Q. At once, or gradually?

A. "Gradually. Like crops and rain. Rain falls spontaneously in showers, but crops take time      to grow. So the fruits of my work will grow gradually during the twelve years of my      manifestation."


Q. Will there be a war before you speak?

A. "Yes."


Q. Necessarily?

A. "Yes, unavoidably. But none will win, none lose. Rather it will awaken a desire for a better      and higher ideal of life. All the existing ideals of race, nationality, religion, etc. will be      eradicated and destroyed, and the ideals of human brotherhood established."


Talk at Bhandardara, India, December 17, 1936


Divinity is not devoid of humanity. The Infinite embraces all expressions of life. Spirituality does not mean renunciation of worldly activities. It means the internal renunciation of mundane desires.


Mere asceticism does not lead to spirituality. Perfection cannot be perfection if it shrinks from the dual expressions of nature and tries to escape from entanglement. It must assert its dominion over all illusion, however attractive and however powerful. A Perfect Being functions with complete detachment in the midst of the most intense activity and in contact with all forms of life.


Divinity includes all that is beautiful and gracious. How, therefore, could you expect a Perfect Being not to have a sense of humor?


Every one of you has to help in my work according to your individual capacity, and have to be in touch with the world in accordance with the work that lies in store for you. I will teach you how to move in the world yet be at all times in inward communion with me as the Infinite Being.


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