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Although Brabazon's efforts do justice to the mechanics of the "ghazal," he shows little mercy to mankind. His "ghazals" say it deserves none. Perhaps this is true, we all know what man has done to man in the name of God and glory. But whether such poetical flailings will turn man around and set him on the right path remains to be seen.


But the poetry is Brabazon's, written for "the entertainment of the Beloved" and not for the uplifting of mankind. Who knows? Perhaps the mankind he vilifies will find itself enlightened and perhaps one, just one, will recognize himself in the Brabazon portrait. And maybe, hopefully, he will strain his ears to hear the voice of Brabazon's Commander.


He ends on a happier, more hopeful note. The closing work, "Hymn to God the Man," (in which he steps out of the confines of the ghazal) is by far the best. It begins:


Beloved God,
All the earth is singing you
In the impermanent materials of stone, leaf and heart:
Singing you, yearning, leaning towards
Your reaping.
And ends:
How the glory of your brow
is the light of our safe journeying!
The love of your eyes
is the mirror of our revealment
And the certainty of our arrival.
How glorious you are as Man; how helpless as God:
So helpless that you could not hide your Godhood
Even behind the walls of your pain.
How every man you are.
How absolutely God.
Jim Bohan


"My unique experience of the Beyond State is so unique that I simultaneously experience being everything and beyond everything. I am the song, its words and its melody, and I am the singer. I am the musical instruments and the players and the listeners. And on your level I explain to you the meaning of what I, the singer, sing."






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