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Baba at the Knightsbridge Hotel during this period, December of 1932, and is copied from a newspaper clipping in London, England:



A Messiah Sits For A Sculptor Chat with the Silent Indian Mystic


Shri Meher Baba, the new 'Messiah’; sat on a revolving chair in a studio in a Kensington mews.


Mr. Edward Merrett, the sculptor, placed with infinite exactness a piece of clay the size of a peanut on the clay bust before him.


"Keep it up," he said, "Now look up to the roof."


The Messiah was sitting for his portrait - a rare excursion for this mystic, to whom Gandhi made a pilgrimage and who is still laboring under his seven-year vow of silence.


His shock of black hair stood out from his head like the wings of an Assyrian God, his sharp beak-like nose pointed skywards, his clear-cut features sharp in silhouette


And without breaking his vow, we were able to carry on long discussions (by means of his board) on woman - ancient and modern.


"They say," I began, "that a woman is a drag in his attainment of divine grace." But the prophet broke in, "Ah, no. Woman can play an important part in the development of divine grace. She is man's equal. So long as she is true to herself all will be well. But when once she surrenders to her surroundings you understand the function of marriage fails. It is then you have divorces."


"Then the vow of celibacy which the saints undertook —"


"It is unimportant. Some men marry; others had better remain single, but a man is not spiritually more backward because he has married. A WOMAN BY HER LOVE CAN INSPIRE HIM TO KNOW THE TRUTH. BUT SHE MUST DEVELOP LOVE AND NOT LUST. THAT IS THE WAY TO HAPPINESS."


"I would like to give a message to the women of the world but it would require thinking about."


And just then, Mr. Merrett took up a piece of clay again and once more the 'Messiah' looked heavenward through the skylight.


Note: This portrait bust was sent to India, Delia tells me.*


This talk on "SOUL, SPIRIT, MIND" was first given in the Knightsbridge Hotel in December of 1932, but repeated later:


SOUL is beyond everything is in the Infinite Self, and so is infinite in its individuality.


THE SPIRIT. The Soul, when experiencing the subtle and gross worlds through the mind               and body, gets illusionary limits and apparently becomes finite and is termed "spirit."


THE MIND is the medium of the Spirit to accommodate the impressions of its experiences               and to work out and express impressions in forms of thoughts and desires.


THE BODY. There are three bodies, the mental, subtle, and the gross. These are the three               vehicles for the experiences of the Spirit through the Mind.


MIND may be compared to a cup, and intellect may be compared to milk in the cup.               Intellect has nothing to do with desires, but Mind has everything to do with desires.


INTELLECT is thought power which Mind experiences.


*Copies of the cast of Meher Baba's right hand made by Edward Merrett were later made and distributed among his lovers. The bust Merrett made of Baba was sent to India in the beginning of 1934 but later broke. Lord Meher Page 1566 - Footnote-webmaster, JK




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