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and whatever we are doing, and in the Brotherhood which he has established for us in his Name—a brotherhood in which his lovers will be free to serve, to pursue, and to entertain the Beloved.


Not for thousands of years has this freedom (the only real freedom) existed. Always have the lover 's attentions to the Beloved been circumscribed by the laws of despots and his life threatened by tyrants and dictators. We have had enough of saintship through martyrdom, what is due in the world now is saintship in joy.


The full fruiting of this brotherhood will be the New Humanity in which we will not need to converse with God by signs and symbols so that the agents of oppression shall not overhear us; we will talk to the Beloved in our own tongue. We will not have new libraries of wisdom literature and fresh hordes of scholars to interpret it, or new dogmas upon which priests can grow fat; and most of all we will not have God in an image—whatever image—made by someone else, but in the image we will cre­ate by our loving and serving. At present the image of the Beloved in our hearts is smudged and distorted by so many prohibitions and licenses. We will have to invent a new entertainment for the Beloved for he quickly gets bored with mere silent adoration—and that will require a new syntax of love.. which cannot be strangled by rules and a new concept of devotion which flows freely and cannot be harnessed to manifestos.


The establishment of the New Humanity will be the one grand miracle which God-Man Meher Baba has promised us he will perform. Already his Word has gone out as thousands of missiles each pin-pointed to a heart craving for union with it. And his stockpile of the Word is inexhaus­tible. Even those not eager for destruction will not escape altogether. Reserved for them are tiny missiles which will cause strange heart pains and provoke longing for beyond themselves—dreams of possibilities and visions of things to be.


Man ever prides himself on his inventiveness; he does not know that each thing he invents was already there in the mind of God. Men are able to make missiles because God has already made them; theirs are to destroy cities, his are to demolish the seats of power in the heart. Men will only fire their missiles so that they will be on earth as they are in heaven.


We are the servants of the Word of the New Humanity. We have rejected the God who lives in great institutions and organizations because he is dead in the heart, and we have chosen for our God the divine Beloved whose body we interred at Meherabad but whose breath is the life of our bodies and whose love is the soul of our loving; who goes before us and remains at our side; whose glances are lightnings and whose smile is a spring morning: the Beloved whose doctrine is Love me,–and whose message is, Serve me in one another.


We know that we are facing an immense journey, a journey that begins beyond the swing of the universe, a journey from flesh to dust, from separation to union with God the divine Beloved. But the work of each day and his being with us is sufficient for each day; and tomorrow was already taken care of when he spoke the First Word and strung the suns on his breath as a necklace for his beautiful throat. JAI BABA.


BABA STORY—from page 5


When Kashmira was on the ground again she joined her hands and reverently bowed to Baba. “Things that are real are always given and received in Silence! ” Then Baba told her to return home and she was content and happy to go.


Later we talked with the servant maid. She said that the evening before, little Kashmira kept reminding her mother to be sure she was in time the next morning for her meeting with Meher Baba. On their way to Meherazad, she kept telling the maid servant not to walk beside her, as she must come alone. How strongly this little child must have felt Baba 's love to be so determined to see Him! [She must have realized this was her one chance, and so events proved.*]


About the middle of May, Kashmira 's father visited Meherazad, he wanted to know all about Baba. He asked for Baba 's photo as Kashmira very much wants a picture of Baba. Through this little girl, her family has been drawn to Baba.


“Infinite Love is God ” and unfathomable are His ways.


* Meher Baba dropped His body January 31st


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