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given:  Satchitananda Paramananda Meher Baba Vidyananda.  But we'll do that another time. . . . Mehera says it's quarter past 7 and we haven't said jai to each of you. Mehera: "Baba used to sing, he had a beautiful voice. And He used to sing beautiful ghazals."


Mani played again while the women mandali sang the Gujarati Arti for us . . . the same one they had sung in the morning. The lights were turned on in the hall and Mani said: "This reminds us that Baba used to love lights, he didn't like semi darkness . . . when we were in Cannes, France, in that lovely old mansion, and Norina and Elizabeth were there; Anita too; they planned a supper by candlelight. A beautiful long table, with lovely silver sconces, and beautiful candles. . .it was all well prepared and the lights were put out, candles lighted, Baba came in and said 'Very good, wonderful, lovely,' and they were so pleased. Then Baba says 'I'm very happy, now put on the lights!' "


We laughed, and Mani continued "I'll never forget the expression on Norina's face! Baba used to test everyone, He would say 'Go slow, take it easy' on the one hand, and on the other hand He'd say 'Hurry up, fast,' even in his gestures, like this: Mani's left hand went 'slow' patting the air, and the right hand went 'fast,' snap, snap — very funny. "And that was with everything! Jai Baba, everyone!"


"Jai Baba" we responded, and went slowly out into the scented dusk of a Poona night.


*  *  *


Thursday June 5th: The second day of Darshan.


Again we enter Guruprasad Hall as the clock chimes 9. Eruch welcomes us, saying "We begin the day's program, Baba's name on our lips: 'Avatar Meher Baba ki jai!"' Echoed!!!


Mehera and Miriam garlanded Baba's chair, then Najoo Kotwal sang some of her original songs in praise of 'Big Daddy,' Beloved Baba. Her first song To My King of Kings, to the tune of Sorrento, she composed and sang before Baba some time ago. Baba corrected the last line 'Yearning for thee in vain' to 'Yearning for thee not in vain!' Her eyes sparkled as if she were singing to Baba right there in his chair, then she led its in several others from the song sheets. — I love you, Baba, (an Old Carmen Miranda tune) and Prasad, in Guruprasad, to the tune of I wish I were in the land of cotton; "What is Guruprasad?" she said. 'Guru means Master, and prasad, something the Master gives us. And of course our Master gives us something very precious in this world, and that is love. So we should sing this song, Guruprasad." Then we sang Hold on to His Daaman, (to Tango of Roses), another to the tune of Jingle Bells: To Meherazad, Meherazad, — and Baba, My Big Daddy to the tune of I like to ride a ferry, and several others.


After our sing-in, Eruch said:


"Now there will be a surprise for you all . . . we are happy to inform you that the members of the Society for Avatar Meher Baba have presented a check for $1,000 to the Meher Baba Trust . . . and how did this gift come about? It was made possible by all of you, because your donation was included in the price of your flight!" Laughter. Surprise! Ann Karrasch and I handed the check to Adi, one of the Trustees of the Meher Baba Trust. Ann: "The East and the West of the United States present this check to you."


Adi: "We thank you for the check you have given to the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, which everyone should henceforward keep in mind to keep well-provided; it was made by Baba in 1959 on the 6th of April. Simply, there are two parts to the Trust, one part takes care of the needs of the beneficiaries who have dedicated their lives to Baba — and are entirely dependent on Baba; Baba has made a provision for them in the Trust. The other part takes care of the development of the Tomb and the large estate at Meherabad. There are different things that are included: a school, buildings for guests to stay there, the provision of water, for the poor people."


A copy of the Trust was available, Adi concluded, for those who were seriously interested and who love Baba.


Eruch ended with certain announcements: later today we were to visit the Bund-


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