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through Ahmednagar. It was quite a large town with a military camp in it. As we got out of the town, I noticed a crowd of people gathered under the shade of a tree. I saw a man prostrate himself at the feet of someone who must have been a holy man. I thought, what a beautiful sight to see on an Indian road. Imagine seeing such a thing on a busy U.S. highway! I was so immersed in the Indian world, I was shocked to think of a busy U.S. highway, but the thought soon faded away. . . I was back in India.


On reaching Meherazad, we were greeted by the resident mandali. We were hot and thirsty and we hurried to the water pump to wash our faces and drink deeply of the most refreshing water in the world — Baba's water. After resting a bit, we were shown the different buildings, including the blue bus, the man-o-nash cabin, the mandali hall where Baba gave darshan to visitors, and His bedroom. We were allowed to touch all of Baba's personal things, including His bed, slippers, clothing, etc. Everything was alive with Baba's warm presence. The very rocks sang His praise. I felt this so strongly that I picked a handful of pebbles to take home.


We were in hushed silence, absorbing Baba's love. Tears rolled unchecked on many a cheek. I remembered Moses on Mount Sinai when he heard the voice of God: "Take off your sandals, for the ground you stand on is holy ground." Meherazad was holy ground!


In Ahmednagar, we were entertained in the Baba Center with talks by Sarosh and others. Then there were bhajans and dances before Baba's picture. Afterwards we visited Adi's offices, which are also the information center for Baba. It was getting late and it was time to return to Poona. It had been a long and memorable day, never to be forgotten. I was very tired and hot, ready to sit and reminisce on the incredible experiences of the day.


The landscape was no longer harsh with sunlight, but soft with the gathering shades of dusk. A brilliant sunset lighted the sky in the West as men and women walked home from the fields. Slowly the color faded and we were wrapped in a warm velvet darkness, relieved only by the light of the stars and a small fire or kerosene lamp in some lonely hut.


Baba said He would give His Darshan on His own terms, and He did. May we never forget Your gift of love and may we always remember Your words, "I am the Ancient One, the One residing in every Heart."


* * * * * *


April 14: The fourth day of darshan, by David Wietersen:


Our last day of Darshan, yet only the beginning. Darshan was beautiful as usual. The women mandali sang the arti Baba composed for them. It is so beautiful, beyond words. The Sufis and the Los Angeles group sang their artis. Then the mandali said how pleased we had made them. We were all in Baba's love together.


In the evening we had another treat as we were all invited to the Avatar Meher Baba Poona Center for a wonderful love feast. The entertainment was excellent as usual. But then when has Baba been less than perfect in what He does?


Comments by Allan Saviskas:


On the last day of darshan, the L.A. group gave their performance and Francis Brabazon finished his reading to us. Paul Siem sang two songs. One was composed by him and one by Mike Thorne; 7 Miles to Nowhere. Both were written and dedicated to Baba, who, in His infinite mercy comes down to help us in our flight from illusion. After Paul's singing, the rest of the Los Angeles group started to chant "Meher Baba, Meher Baba, God is Love, God is Love" to the tune of Frère Jacques. The whole audience joined in. It was as if God's love was singing and dancing.


Michael Goldman finished the Los Angeles group's performance by asking all to join hands and receive Baba's Darshan in silence. Michael offered this prayer for us all.



"Might I give
What I have taken,
Might I make
What Thou hath made,
Might I run into the light!
Fill full the soul
With Your might!
Touch those things I cannot see,
Fall flat on the ground
And know Your harmony.”


In silence we all held hands. Mehera joined hands with those in the back of the hall. Michael held Eruch's hand and Eruch placed his hand on Baba's chair.


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