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Just two days before, he lovingly conveyed to his dear ones, the gist of which is ... "space is the image of Reality and times is the reflection of that image ... it is impossible for both light and shadow to co-exist .... Baba is the personification of that infinite light ... a time comes when one has to give up the very thing he is clinging to, " by pointing to his own shoulder.


The last moment came when his right thumb was constantly moving as if he was meditating upon Baba on the rosary beads to which he was used to, during the last years of his illness.


The family members feel truly consoled through the message of love and blessings sent by Baba to Bhausaheb Jog amongst us who has rendered untiring help in many ways all these years at Satara.


The body was laid to rest at the Sadar-site on the same night, Wednesday 11-1-1967.


Yours sincerely,


Meherahmed & members of the Ramjoo family


* * *


Baba also sent Adi immediately to Satara to convey His Love and message personally to Ramju's family members who are devoted to Baba. They related to Adi how during the final days Ramju continually repeated Baba's Name, with a string of beads to help him do so without a lapse. In the last moments when he was too feeble to hold the beads, his fingers were still moving by themselves in rhythm with the movement of his lips!


Besides a number of chronic ailments, for years dear Ramju suffered incessantly from severe asthma which made breathing a painful labor for him at all times, and finally affected his heart. None of this he allowed to get in the way of his laboring in his beloved Master's service to the end.


As Ramju's last moments were wholly absorbed in remembrance and love for Baba, so were the years of his life since following the personification of that Infinite Light"


Being of the very early disciples, having an unusual flair for narration and an uncanny memory for details, Ramju was a walking treasury of Baba-anecdotes. He was also among the very few who received letters from Baba in His own handwriting, signed MERWAN. From some of these letters, written to "Dear Ramju" from "Merwan" in 1925 and 1926, I quote some lines that I know Ramju would want to share with others, not so much in his memory as in homage to Baba's Love for His own — lines that are a timeless discourse to all His lovers:


"I am always with you internally." "I love you as my own self."


“Have no anxiety about any matter." "Be brave, it will all pass away!" "I have taken it to myself to make you see Truth in future."


"All's well, you have me! Hang maya and all its illusionary playings."

— letter from MANI


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