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I recall the occasion of the "Dhuni”* festival, December 1942, in Lower Meherabad when Baba gave out, amongst other points, that "those destined to receive from Me what I have to give them will get it whether they deserve it or not."


Thus Baba makes it abundantly clear that there are those whose destiny brings them to Baba, the Compassionate One, and also separates them from him — but for a time only since the present life is but one of many, and the ultimate goal for one and all is the same ― Oneness with God.


Blessed indeed, therefore, are all who meet Meher Baba, and blessed are all who, having met Baba, have by his divine grace kept hold of his "daaman" with love in their hearts.


To close with a short excerpt from a letter received recently from Baba's sister, Mani, in India, will not be out of place.


In answer to my remark in a letter to her that Baba stresses to one and all, "Love Me, Love Me" — she writes:


"About loving Baba — it’s a fascinating point — a difficult thing to get across as you say — yet the easiest approach to Baba, for God is Love.


"People are too thickly coated with the intellect for this point to pierce through, as a rule, unless one just meets Baba and (as Elizabeth rightly points out) Baba touches the heart whether one is nearby or thousands of miles away.


"What I feel about Baba saying, 'Love Me,' is that nothing that Baba says or does is ever 'barren' ― i.e. it must have a reason, a significance, a fruit. When Baba says, 'Love Me,' He either knows that it will soon come to pass or is making humanity ready for it by the telling of it. (He said, 'Let there be light and there was.') Perhaps the shell of intellect is straining to crack and the final blow of the world catastrophe will reveal the heart to its full and reinstate the values of human relationship and God's love as the one universal religion. And so his (Baba's) best discourse for us will always be:


" ‘Love Me more and more and ever more' — (Amen)."


" What is your secret?" a reporter asked Baba in London, April 1932.


"The elimination of the ego," Baba replied.


*When the Dhuni or fire was lit.


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