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He was happily married to Lilian Cutlar (Antonia); he wrote "I approached marriage as a sacrament—and though I went about my ordinary life it was as if a veil were suspended over the world" They had four children but tragically lost the two eldest sons within two years of each other. He is survived by his wife, Antonia, son Edmund, the actor, and daughter Barbara. He lived most of his life in Selwyn Garden City and was largely responsible for its planning and subsequent success.


In his autobiography he says there were "three men whose friendships were formative and creative in the revolutionary changes in my life! They were Dr. Adrian Fortescue, Dimitri Mitrinovic’ and Meher Baba." After he met Meher Baba he devoted himself to interpreting Baba and spreading his Message and in the last few years before his death on July 8th, 1965, he seemed to grow closer to Baba in love and real understanding enabling him to write his final book, The God-Man, a fitting farewell.


He says of Baba in one of his articles "You can know all the books that are written in Baba's name by heart and yet know nothing of Baba. He teaches by being as he is and we learn by loving and obeying. We cannot really talk about Baba's teaching for unless it changes our lives inwardly it does not exist for us. It is no simple thing to love Baba for it means to give up self-love."

* * *


IN the beginning the Word
at the end the Word
The Word not for eye or ear
nor in formula or symbol
the heart stilled in emptiness and acceptance
the stop.
In the silence is the Beloved
the world in his hands
the everything.
Do you hear the song the rejoicing
because the helpless one has come?



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