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Finally, one evening before they retired, he confessed his desire to Upasni Maharaj, who said, simply, "Very well."


In the middle of the night, however, Upasni awakened Kaka with the statement, "You may do as you like about meeting Meher Baba;" meaning, Kaka thought, that he must make his own decision.


The following morning, Upasni greeted Kaka with the declaration, which he kept repeating vehemently, "You are false! You are false!" Later, he led Kaka to a nearby Hindu temple, where he asserted over and over, This God is false! This God is false! This God is false!" Then they returned to the Ashram, where he exclaimed, again and again I am false! I am false!"


Kaka interpreted this strange performance of Upasni’s as indicating that, as everything external was illusory anyway, it really made no difference whether he met Baba outwardly or not. However, he still felt strongly drawn to Baba, so he left Sakori and went to Poona to visit Narayan Maharaj. He arrived there in the evening, and was just about to spread his bedding out in the garden when Narayan spied him, invited him into the house, gave him something to eat, and told him to sleep in the parlor.


"So you want to meet Meher Baba," he said, quizzically, as Kaka was eating, and, when Kaka affirmed his desire, nodded as if in approval.


The next day Kaka set out for Bombay, where he was joined by a friend, and together they went to Arangaon to see Baba. When they arrived, Baba asked Kaka, "What do you want of me?"


Only your blessing," replied Kaka, wisely.


"Good!" replied Baba, "you may stay with me for two days."


So Kaka stayed, and the two days have grown, so far, to fifteen years!


* * *


Adi was asked if he knew Upasni.


"Oh, yes!" he replied. He used to play with me when I was a child. My mother used to take me with her when she went to Sakori to plead with Upasni to give Baba back to her.


“ ‘You have taken my best boy from me!' she would exclaim. 'Give him back to me!'


"Sometimes Upasni would throw stones at her, sometimes he would beat her—ways, as those close to Baba understand, of freeing her from some of her red sanskaras. * Once he called Baba to him while she was there and said, 'Here is your mother, who wants you to go home with her. I give you leave to go.' But Baba ran away.”


* Those Acquired by Taking Life, etc.


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