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A cricket bat is a willow

   If you will owe you pay not  

    A pain 'ot is a warm ache

     If you war make you peace

      A piece end if a land slip

       A land slip is a shore torn    

        A short horn is a cow."

     "Captain bbbb joined the cccc

   And went into the west

To dig pot oooooo"?


e.   "Where love is God is. So we. There will be a day when we all will not only love Baba, but there will be warmth and love among us. And why postpone something so good and happy"—Nadia Tolstoy


f.   "I feel, I think, I want, I do, I act, I see, I hear, I love, I smell????


"Burn them all up, Beloved, in the flame of your love."


Before returning directly to Nasik, on May 1st, one of our visiting days to Meherabad Hill, Baba took us to the Circle Cinema, run by Sarosh K. Irani, at Ahmednagar. We saw "Born to Dance," a very good film. In the middle, Margaret all of a sudden had a headache and nausea, and asked Adi for an aspirin. Baba, who misses nothing, asked what was wrong. Margaret told him. Just as soon as she had told him, she felt completely better. We had tea and cakes in the cinema; then left around 9 p.m. for Nasik, by car; arriving home around midnight. Baba remained in Ahmednagar.


Next morning, the 2nd, I was awakened by Adi, at 5 a.m. for the first-aid kit. The Pontiac, with Sam, Nadia Tolstoy, Malcolm Schloss, Ruano, and driver had not returned the night before from Ahmednagar; so Dr. Nilu and Adi, Jr., went on a search-party. Rano, who had been left behind in Nasik with Will Backett, Nonny, Delia and Malyia* (the less strong at that time) was still running a high fever. Norina, too, was in bed. I recall what a disappointment it was to Baba; so many had not been able to go to Meherabad on the previous day. Norina, as head of the household, sent a wire to Baba to explain that one car had not returned. In the meantime Adi returned with the party. The car had had a breakdown about one hour from Rahuri . . . and there was no way of letting anyone know before 4 a.m., when a cart passed them on its way to Ahmednagar. Word was sent to Sarosh Motor Works to inform Baba.


*Incorrect spelling in hardcopy of The Awakener Magzine for Mrs. Rudhyar. Her name was corrected by Dane Rudhyar's second wife, Leyla, from Malyia to Malya. webmaster, 2009-JK


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