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What is the use to convince myself I am happy

    when we are separate?

With love You have permitted me to obey You

    and so draw closer to Yourself.

In truth I see my disobedience and my helplessness to it

    and fear to rely on this to capture Your love. I am just a little drop,

And You are a mighty infinite Ocean.

My duty towards my family, the nation, the world

    and all other drops is to swallow the Ocean of Love before it swallows me. That's the Love game.

If it should be that You swallow me first

What victory can You claim?

It is expected that the Big Enormous Ocean can swallow little helpless drops.

But consider!

What victory will You have won if You do not swallow me,

Will not those who worship You, hearing of this

    harbor secret despair in their heart of hearts and wonder;

Is the illimitable Ocean so filled with Itself that

    it did not have room for even one more little drop?

If it be that I should fail to swallow the Ocean I love,

    no one will miss me.

Perhaps souls may say in their heart of hearts;

    too bad, so sad, he tried but couldn't drop his dropness

And they will turn away and forget the whole mad episode

Because no one really expects drop-me to

    swallow Ocean-You anyhow.

If it should be that I do swallow You,

    what a victory I shall have won;

A little drop that swallowed an entire Ocean . . . Feat of feats!

Where Real Love is concerned what do we care about games,

    and all that nonsense, and about who says what.

That we should be together is all that matters. Only time counts.

It takes time to suffer,

How much suffering is needed to end suffering?

How much time needed to end time?

For me beset with limitation,

    it is backbreaking to make the journey to You.

I go at a snail's pace.

But you have the wings of an eagle, faster than the seconds of time

So come quickly my Love.

My suffering makes You suffer.

Do not let me make You suffer; I cannot bear it.

Come quickly my Love,

Lest I back-break my way to You.

I am weak now and tire easily


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