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lantern placed on an empty kerosene tin served to break the pitch-black darkness. Tigers abounded in this place. One night Chanji happened to doze off and his leg kicked the kerosene tin. The lamp and tin fell down and made a big noise. Both the watch-keepers were frightened to death thinking that a tiger had pounced upon them. Baba said that these two watchmen reminded him of the time when he was Krishna. He had four companions then, one was a stutterer, the other was lame, the third squint-eyed and the fourth was deaf. At 3:00 P.M. Arti was sung and then all dispersed.


Lata sang another ghazal. Baba explained a few lines of the song. He said: “On the inner journeys there are seven planes of consciousness and every plane has its Muquam and Manzil (abode and station).


continued in Volume 10 Number 3 Page 18



*     *     *


By Irwin Luck



To my dear Ocean of Love,

My Beloved Ancient One, eternally young in Love ―

To my dear Avatar of a million lives of

    tears and sorrows: for lost souls' sake —

Oh dear magic charmer of hearts; only You

Can create remembrance of the glory of love long forgotten.

You are the whimsical pearl that fulfills destiny ―

Blessed destroyer of remembrance;

Only Your touch can free consciousness

    allowing it to bathe in the smile of adorable Love

The joy of being ever, ever infatuated;

You are the divine adolescent in love with creation,

adventure of adventures, romance of romances —

Oh Beautiful God, Baba; Self of myself,

For whom the game of Romance is just a whim, a momentary thrill;

To break the wonderful monotony of continuous Bliss.

That the eternal Power should in a flash of whimsy

    humor itself with a dream of weakness —

Beautiful Lord,

    who having no reason to Be just Is;

    and just is the Love that all souls Love —

Once I tried looking in me to find You

    so that I could look in You to find what was once me;


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