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others, followed austerities. Baba, in "Bhagavad Gita," stated that even He, unattached, performs “Karma” to set an example for the universe, lest there is destruction. Sloka: "Yadyad Acharathi Srestaha."


Baba fully knows a worldly man cannot he guileless. Hypocrisy is prevalent. Worldly man professes to love God, but it is not so easy as Baba often stresses to love Him. If we are to advocate that Baba wanted rituals to be destroyed, . . . and Baba does not mean it, is it not another crime for us?


Adi will forgive me and my anxiety in penning a long letter. It is not that Avatar does not know, as He knows everything; and it is He who made me write and it is He who most lovingly responds and opens our intuitive eyes.


As this relates to Mehersthan, I ventured to address my Brother Adi so that he will be pleased to read to Baba this soul's agony to its "Oversoul" and clarify . . . these points, opening my intuitive eye as Avatar is in our midst in flesh and blood, with the correct vision and Grace, with His loving message to all on these below:


1. Whether rituals are to be totally avoided.


2. Whether in the ensuing opening of Mehersthan, Baba does not concur with me that Vedic rites be sung in praise of the Highest in the installation ceremony, as was done in the past during the incarnation of Sri Rama, when He installed "Sri Ramalingeshwara" at Rameshwaram.


3. That Baba should prescribe the procedure of installing the statue . . . His wish as to how we should all conduct it.


4. That after the installation, how regular conduct of worship should be done and manner of daily conduct and running.


Yours affectionately,


*  *  *


"Meherazad," Ahmednagar
1st February, 1963

Sri P. Ramalingeshwar Rao Advocate

Sri Aurobindo Nivas

Kovvur (W. G. DT. Andhra)


My Dear Brother,


Your letter of 19th January 1963 was forwarded to me by dear brother Adi for being read out to Beloved Baba and for reply to you.


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