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On January 9th, 1937, Baba gave a very beautiful talk—but too long to insert completely here. The subject was taken from a couplet of Kabir (Baba's translation).


“One cannot start running at full speed, one must gather momentum and gradually increase the speed.


“If one is to be stained with a spiritual colour, one must be stained gradually. The colour takes time to penetrate for it to become deep and rich—it must be applied gradually.


"The mind which has been sleeping the sleep of ignorance for ages can only gradually be awakened to knowledge."


Baba then explained the above carefully, using objects to clarify.


(To be continued )  in Volume 10 Number 2 Page 1



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What Is Sahavas?


An Editorial


"'Sahavas is the intimacy of give and take of Love,” says Baba.


It is the very nature of Love to give. Baba, being Love, must give. Above and beyond other laws, still he remains bound by the law of Love. He must give that Love which he is.


There are measureless ways in which Baba gives Love—ways which we can never understand, invisible ways, superhuman ways in which he sparks the universal process of creation. But the Love that all of us can understand—even a child—is that Love Baba gives each of us personally. A look, a gesture, a pat, an embrace—that smile! Was there ever such a smile? You remember it forever. In the depths of gloom or fear or inconstancy—that smile comes back to you and breaks up the whole sanskaric cloud . . . pouf! "Be happy!" it seems to say. "Don't worry—leave it all to Me! Love Me, only love Me!"


And the little gestures: forefinger rounded to thumb, to show his approval of you. Or his hand flashing out from his heart towards you, 'saying' "I love you". You remember that too, for always. If God loves you, approves you, what else, who else can bother you? Man rejects, God accepts. I never saw Baba reject anyone.


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