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The dawn is on! The night is gone!
Forward, New Race to Life Divine!
No more tears! No more fear;
The Sun of Love and Light is here
To see Him is a thrill of joy
His gracious look is sweet and coy;
To touch Him is nectar-delight
Be lamp of Love; He is the LIGHT.
"His silent patting heals the mind
And we feel—here is our Friend;
His wordless words are seeds of Truth,
His formless Form informs our path.
His Embrace is a Song of BLISS . . .
A new Life blossoms by His Kiss!
His Omnipresence, who can miss?
In Himself He has all that IS.
His language is the Psychic LOVE;
All languages must learn it now!
Human Isms have become cold
Here is One Good, One Godly world.
And One Mankind faithful and bold
Built up by Baba's Grace untold —
Our time is beyond “IS" and "WAS"
Since we have Baba's Sahavas!!



Earlier in the morning, before the procession started, there were some who came just to pay homage to Baba, having been previously permitted to do so. They were not the regular Sahavasis. Some stayed in the nearby town hotels and called just to meet Baba. One of them was a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Foote of U.S.A.


*       *       *


At 9:40 a.m., the "Grand Old Man" (the senior devotee of Andhra and the correspondent of the Andhra Meher Mandali, who in the recent years has dedicated his retired life completely for Baba's work), read an address


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