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Further, Meher Baba heartened the boys and said that in a way, they were very fortunate that they had not to see the evils and sufferings of the world. Those having eyesight are just as blind for not being enlightened in heart by the love of God. The blind are more enlightened and nearer to God than most of those having eyesight.


Baba was very much touched by the delightful orchestra played by the home. Captain H. J. M. Desai, the Honorary Secretary, expressed grateful thanks to Baba for giving the home an opportunity for his darshan which was an occasion of rare happiness for the blind inmates.

Bombay, March 13, 1959



  • Baba was invited by the superintendent, Mr. Kale, to visit The Institution for the Blind, Koregaon Park, Poona, on April 11, 1959. He went to the school at 9:00 a.m. Baba embraced all the blind students—about 150, and a dozen blind teachers. Boys sang songs in Baba's presence and one of the boys welcomed Baba, the Avatar of the Age, to their institution. The welcome was composed by Madhusudan and taught to the blind boy by Subhdra. Baba gave the following message to the assembly:

    "People generally think that the blind are unfortunate. You may also sometimes think so. But it is people with the sight of eyes who are really unfortunate. They think that all the things they see are real. But they never see God, Who alone is real.


    "All those who do not see God are blind. The only thing worth seeing is God. So, even those who have physical sight may be more blind than those who are physically blind and love God within.


    "Today I embrace you with my love so that some day you may have real sight and see Me everywhere."

    —Poona, April 11, 1959



  • "Instead of wanting what I want, you want me to want what you want. And when you succeed in getting me to agree to what you want, you even tell others that it is what I want. For example, someone has a daughter, and comes to me and asks me, do I think such and such young man would make a good husband for the girl? I reply, 'No, he is not suitable.' He answers, ‘But, Baba, he is very suitable.' So I say, 'Yes, let the match be made.'

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