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pure water and would be acclaimed is a "doctor of doctors." Whosoever comes in his contact becomes a devotee, and coming into contact with him one would derive as much benefit as by coming in contact with a saintly person, or by having gone to a sacred place of pilgrimage. Even Sadhus and Saints would desire his contact.


In short, this soul world do some great work. Being born to carry out the will and the work of God on earth, he would be the doer of deeds and would benefit the whole world. This illustrious soul will not only prove to be the Saviour of his own family, but will be the medium of salvation for all who come in contact with him.



Yearly Aspects 1894


 1 to    5:   Happy years in family and social conditions.


  6 to 10:   Education good; intellect sharp.


11 to 15:   Progress in studies. Happy with brothers.


          16:   Good progress in studies.


          17:   Miraculous Divine experience while studying.


18 to 23: Higher spiritual experiences of plane, and absolute indifference and aloofness                    from life and things mundane.


24 to 30:   Beginning of fame. Will be publicly known to people.


31 to 32:   Change in physical conditions. Fast, silence, and solitude.


32 to 40:   Would find some great inner purpose or motive for observing silence, as otherwise                   everything would be upset. People would be perplexed as to why he observes                    silence, and none could understand why he is doing all this. Yet, in spite of Silence,                   he would go on doing his wonderful work, as ever. (The great Sage, Bhrigu Rishi                   who wrote this great work of Bhrigu-Samhita, says here that, while writing this par-                    ticular Kundali—life chart―he himself was in a trance, Samadhi, and blissfully                    happy.)


           46:  Failing health.


47 to 50:   Will create a great disciple, trough his Grace. There is a like­lihood of his appearing                   in the dreams of many, guiding them on the Path and would also direct or instruct                   remedies to which they would all say, "It is all truly amazing." His energy would be                   tremendous to such an extent that he would see, instruct, and satisfy thousands                    during a day; working spontaneously from morning till evening. Whosoever comes                    for debate or discussion would find himself lost in his presence and acknowledge                    defeat with reverence.


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