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As a sort of cherry on the whipped-cream treat of all the preceding pages, the last appendix contains many new glimpses into Baba's life as told by himself at the sahavas meetings. They make one long for more; and wish, somehow, the Beloved could be prevailed upon to tell us more of his own "God-biography!" Perhaps the book that is to be published after his death holds some of these same precious glimpses into the unknown world of Realization.


The Beloved himself wished me to write some kind of prereview of "Listen, Humanity!" and acquaint you with its contents. I cannot whet your appetite more than by listing them in full:


Preface and Introduction by Don Stevens.


Foreword by Meher Baba.


Part I: The Sahavas Programs: Meherabad; The First Day; The Toe of The Master; Washing the Feet of the Poor; Lighting the Dhuni; Some Smiles, Some Tears.


Part ll: Life and the Path: Death and Immortality; The Cycle of Sleep and Waking; The Origins and Effects of War; The New World Culture; Notes On Freedom The Ways to the Path and Its States and Stages; Attitudes for Aspirants and Other Groups; Love and God; Help to Others.


Part III: Avatarhood: Personal Relationship; General Atmospheres; Baba Discusses Avatarhood.


Appendix I: Directions Given by Baba at the Sahavas Meetings.


Appendix II: Reminiscences by Baba.


I understand too it would be most helpful if you sent your orders in now ahead of publication. You will receive your books in the fall upon publication; your order for several books will be sent to you to re-distribute if necessary to friends.—Editor.




To: Michael J. Loftus, 7 Woodland Way, Greenbelt, Maryland:


Please send me upon publication_____________ copies of LISTEN, HUMANITY!

at $5.00 per copy. I enclose __________________




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