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       "One can love God as He ought to be loved by trying one's utmost to make others feel        happy even at the cost of one's own happiness."


During this tour, Baba often asserted His Divinity before the public, the press and His followers who would gather in a hall to hear His messages. Baba would say through His gestures:


"I am the Lord of the universe."


"I am the One for whom mankind eagerly awaits."


"I am the One that has been expected to come."


"I am the Ocean of Love. Fear Me not but love Me more and more. Love knows not fear. The more you will love Me, the closer you will come to Me."


"I am the Lord of the universe and I am the slave of My lovers." "I and God are One."


"All that you see is My creation."


"The whole creation has sprung out of Me."


In New York and in San Francisco formal dinners were arranged to greet Baba. It would be very interesting for the reader to know what Baba had to say to His dear ones in response to the most touching welcome greetings for Baba from His lovers in America. Baba's response is reproduced verbatim hereunder:


"I feel very happy to be with you all today.


"It is your devotion that has made me come to the West during the period of my seclusion.


"If anything ever touches My universal heart it is love.


"I have crossed the limited earthly oceans to bring to you all the limitless and shoreless Divine Ocean of Love.


"Those who do not dare to love Me seek safety on the shores. You who have been loving Me are swimming in this Divine Ocean. Love Me more and more till you get drowned in me. Dive deep and you will gain the priceless pearl of Infinite Oneness."


During this global tour, several spiritual teachers and leaders with some of their followers came to pay their respects to Baba, as also some religious heads who have their own large following. There came, too, the followers of Sant Kirpal Singh and Swami Shivananda. Baba met them all with love


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